Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay Therapy is first and foremost the sand and the container, then the objects. The objects are symbolic images. The uses of these images are fluid, and change with context, position and association; they are not predetermined. The sand can be used dry or wet. Sandplay therapy when expressed in the free and protected space can heal and transform the psyche.

"The sand picture that is produced ... can be understood as a three-dimensional representation of some aspect of his psychic situation. An unconscious problem is played out in the sand box, just like a drama. The conflict is transferred from the inner world to the outer world and is made visible." Dora Kalff, (Sandplay: A Psychotherapeutic Approach to the Psyche", p.9, 2003)

"Sandplay Therapy engages the psyche’s powerful self-healing function." (STANZA, 2017)

Children usually instinctively know how to play, although trauma can get in the way. Children become adults, and the traumas of life do not necessarily go away, they are frozen in time. Adults may need to remember how to play again. Sandplay Therapy can be helpful for both children and adults.

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