About Derek

Spirituality was introduced to me at a young age through Catholicism. This spirituality broadened into mystical connection with nature, seeing the god in this, and reverencing experience.

The mystical connection with nature grew into exploration of shamanism. Two specific teachers Cheryl Maddock (Carlton River, TAS), and Raphael Locke (Perth, WA) introduced me to particular expressions of shamanism, including: Vision Quest, sweat lodge, snake medicine, the river, the well, soul retrieval, upper and lower world journeys, power animals, etc.

I am currently residing on an Intentional Living Community in Northern NSW enjoying the peace of nature, and have done so for the past fourteen years.

I have a fascination in weather, and clouds. Cirrus clouds in particular consist of ice particles and exist at heights between 5000 and 14000m. There are many forms of cirrus clouds with Cirrus Uncinus chosen as logo for this website. Meteorologically when cirrus clouds fill the sky it signifies a change in the weather, hence my tag-line: "When cirrus clouds fill the sky know that change is on the way".